A Complete Guide to Depression

Masterclass by Dr. Naeema Akter

Dr. Akter is a licensed psychologist from New York.

We are currently putting together a course about overcoming depression, but in the meantime, we’ve asked Dr. Akter to answer the following questions for you:

1.) What are the symptoms of depression, and how do they differ from other mood disorders? (00:00:06)

2.) How can I identify the triggers or underlying causes of my depression, and how can I develop coping strategies to deal with them? (00:06:01)

3.) What can I do to develop a sense of purpose and meaning in my life, even when I’m struggling with depression? (00:15:46)

4.) How can I build resilience and develop a positive mindset to help me cope with the ups and downs of living with depression? (00:15:46)

5.) How can I learn to challenge and reframe negative thoughts and beliefs that may be contributing to my depression? (00:27:18)

6.) What strategies can I use to increase my motivation and energy levels when I’m feeling depressed? (00:36:11)

7.) How can I develop a support system to help me manage my depression, and what role can friends, family, or other loved ones play in this process? (00:52:20)

8.) What lifestyle changes or self-care practices can I adopt to help alleviate symptoms of depression, such as exercise, diet, and sleep habits? (00:58:10)