How to Overcome Anger

Masterclass by Dr. Stephanie Kriesberg

Dr. Stephanie Kriesberg answers the following questions in this Masterclass:

1. Can you describe some physical and psychological symptoms of unresolved anger? (00:10)

2. How might anger resulting from narcissistic abuse differ from anger caused by other factors? (03:40)

3. Can you discuss the role of journaling or other forms of self-expression in processing anger? (17:10)

4. What are some grounding techniques that can help individuals manage anger? (26:28)

5. How can individuals recognize when their anger is justified and when it may be unhelpful or misplaced? (33:11)

6. How can individuals identify and challenge irrational beliefs or thought patterns that fuel their anger? (37:28)

7. What role do support systems (friends, family, support groups) play in managing anger? (44:41)

8. In your experience, what are the most common challenges individuals face when trying to overcome anger related to narcissistic abuse? (46:44)